Are Silk Hair Ties Worth It? 

If you heard all of the celebrities raving about silk hair ties lately and have been wondering what the hype is all about, you’re not alone. So, we must ask -- are silk hair ties worth it? 

To embark upon our journey to find the answer to this unrelenting question, let’s start with the obvious.

Let’s Break it Down

What if we told you that there is a single product you use regularly that is damaging your hair? More so, what if that product was causing your hair to break, look frizzy, and dry? The truth is that regular hair ties are a major cause of destruction to your hair. They also cause friction and pull moisture out of your hair (so much for conditioner). Not all hair ties are created equal. They come in different shapes, sizes, material, and even textures. While all of these factors affect the final product, some cause more damage than others. Most hair ties are made of a nylon and an elastane blend which helps them stretch and stay in place. However, these types of ties tend to pull your hair too tight resulting in more damage to the hair.

So, Are Silk Hair Ties Worth It?

Silk hair ties have been catching a lot of buzz lately. Praised by celebrities, dermatologists, and hair stylists, ties as the “best kept beauty” secret -- ever -- silk hair ties are seriously taking off. Why? They stop frizz, hydrate your hair, prevent breakage, and stop hair creases. However, when it comes to silk hair ties, not all are created equal. Which brings us to silk hair ties -- are they worth it.? Silk hair ties protect your hair from pulling and tugging and are also made with a stronger bond that lasts longer. Silk is getting a lot of buzz because they give your hair some movement and doesn't put pressure on your hair follicles nor do they cause creases. Silk hair ties are incredibly strong and will stretch to accommodate any style you want. Silk hair ties are great for up does as they avoid breakage and irritation caused by regular hair ties. two:am silk™ hair ties, for example, are designed to stretch and will hold your hair perfectly without breaking it.

Quality (Really) Matters

In the world of silk, thickness equates to “how soft.” you want to go for at least 19 momme and up for the best quality. The quality of silk plays a big role in terms of not just the look, but the feel, and most of all -- the effectiveness. Aside from the measure of softness, there are also many different varieties of silk. In pursuit of the highest quality of silk hair ties, Mulberry silk is the very best variety of silk available in the world. It’s uniqueness is derived from how it is made.  Mulberry silk’s origins hail from China, where indigenous farms grew Mulberry trees, to which their leaves were harvested and utilized for the feed in silk production. two:am silk™ hair ties, for example, are among the very highest quality hair ties available on earth with ultra premium 19 momme pure Mulberry silk. This ensures the benefits of silk hair ties are available with maximum effectiveness. In short, if you’re looking to get all of what silk hair ties have to offer: hydrated hair, anti-crease, anti-friction, and anti-bed head -- two:am silk™ should be your first choice. 

Hypoallergenic & Chemical-free & Sustainable

Silk hair ties are known to be hypoallergenic and many are also chemical free. While regular hair ties often require a production process that not only requires chemicals and harsh dyes (that harm your hair); silk hair ties require far less resources to be produced and many (like two:am silk™ hair ties) are 100% chemical-free. Silk is an ideal material for people who often suffer from allergies. Reason being, traditional material that regular hair ties are made from, such as cotton and polyester capture dust, and thus fuel and make allergies worse. 

Hold out for the highest quality of silk while paying attention to the details. While two:am silk™ hair ties are the best of the best, there are many options out there.

Shy Away From Silk Alternatives

In general, you’ll pay more per momme for silk. Beware of silk that is woven with a polyester thread or blended with cotton -- these will not give you the benefits you’re looking for in silk hair ties like a 100% pure mulberry silk hair ties will. two:am silk™ hair ties, for example, are the highest quality and is the most-trusted silk hair tie brand among celebrities and derms alike. 

The Final Verdict  

If you are looking for the very best of what silk hair ties have to offer -- luxurious hair, ultra-hydrated hair, anti-frizz hair, and crease-free hair -- then yea, silk hair ties for you -- are probably worth it. In summary, if you’re looking to benefit the most from the magic of what silk hair ties have to offer -- it pays to go premium. Hold out for the highest quality of silk while paying attention to the details. While two:am silk™ hair ties are the best of the best, there are many options out there. If you’re looking to stick with the most-proven silk available on earth -- two:am silk™ is definitely for you; but don’t take our word for it -- read from our celebrity customers and hair stylist fans.