Best Silk Scrunchies For Curly Hair That Won't Hold You Back

Silk hair ties are one of the hottest products of 2021 -- and for good reason. They don't tug on your hair, they cut frizz, and they are great for sleeping in as opposed to traditional hair ties. In this article, we talk about which silk hair ties/silk scrunchies are best for curly hair.

Our #1 Pick -- two am's own Grace Silk Hair Ties.

best silk hair scrunchies for curly hair
Best Silk Scrunchies For Curly Hair

Why are silk hair ties great for curly hair?

Because they are made from high-quality silk, you'll never have to worry about your hair unraveling (which is a problem that often plagues scrunchies and hair ties), or getting caught in clothes. They are great for sleeping in and they tend to fall out easily, which can be a good thing. It helps with you never having to worry about tangling and damaging your hair the next day. You'll see that it is difficult to find ones that are made from silk. Not only that, but the shapes and designs of them are on trend and they are very comfortable to wear. Silk hair ties are generally longer than your traditional scrunchies and you can find ones with a headband, knots, drawstring and all sorts of other cool designs. We also have a good selection of scrunchies made with silk!

The best silk scrunchies for curly hair

Benefit They're Real (Slick Products) The cult-favorite Slick Products silk scrunchie is made with a high-quality, natural, mohair fabric. When you squeeze this hair scrunchy, it will feel softer than your actual hair, and it won't tug on your curls. It's got nine different color options, and you can get it in other sizes and colors for an additional price. Perfecting your hair scrunchy game There's no easy way to stretch your scrunchy all the way around your hair. The best way to do it is to hold the fabric with one hand and wrap it around your finger with the other. Let go of the fabric, and then wrap it again around your finger and let go of the fabric. Do this for as long as you like your look to look. If you don't feel it's going to work, stop now. It's a full-time job.


If you have curly hair or a type of hair that is prone to frizz, silk scrunchies are a must have for your closet. Since you’re going to want to sleep in them, the material is also great at eliminating tangles at night. I like how a silk scrunchie looks under my makeup and they can also double as jewelry. They’re also super easy to wash as long as you clean them thoroughly when you use them. They can be washed in the sink and also hung to dry or hung to dry if you prefer to dry them in the bathtub. The flat ends of the silk strands don’t snag or tangle while you sleep. Silk hair ties/scrunchies are my go to for everyday style.