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two:am silk keeps your skin hydrated while you sleep, defying the aging process

Kate Silk Face Mask

"The World's Most Comfortable Face Mask"

two:am™ silk promotes healthy skin, preventing friction & dryness that cause wrinkles & impurities. Anti-maskne, hypoallergenic, cooling & breathable.

Made with ultra-premium two-layer two:am silk™ | Anti-fog, ultra-comfortable, and breathable. | two:am silk™ prevents your glasses or sunglasses from fogging with ultra-breathable two-layer silk. Prevents skin irritation, allergens and maskne. Color: Pink | Also available in Black & Gold

$ 18.99 USD
$ 29.99 USD

"two:am burst onto the silk pillowcase scene with its products named after notorious party girls from every era... it's the best silk at the best price so you can look like you slept all night (even if you didn't)"


two:am silk™ keeps your skin hydrated and prevents friction, defying the aging process


Unlike cotton and polyester, ultra-premium silk prevents friction that causes skin irritation


Promote healthy skin, looking well-rested, fresh and awake - no matter how long you slept

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Kate Pure Silk Face Mask

The Kate Pure Silk Face Mask is the ulta-premium alternative to traditional face masks. A go-to for those who care about their skin, the 100% Mulberry two:am silk™ face mask helps prevent your skin from the irritation and dryness other face masks cause. Made with the highest quality silk available anywhere, Kate is a stand out luxury accessory that makes wearing a mask less troublesome for both you and your complexion.  

Wear the Face Masks Celebs & Dermatologists Wear 

The Kate Silk Face Mask is one of two:am’s most sought after products by celebrities and dermatologists alike. With so many of us wearing masks on multiple occasions, sometimes for hours per day -- two:am silk™ protects your skin from friction and dryness. Made with two-layers of highly-breathable two:am silk™, Kate can be worn over and over with minimal care, all while keeping your skin super-hydrated, silky and smooth.  

Comfort Meets Function and Effectiveness

The Kate Silk Face Mask is both aesthetically appealing and believed to be effective at preventing the spread and exposure to infections. In fact, a group of researchers from University of Cincinnati suggested pure silk to be one of the next most-effective material at protecting against the spread of virus transmission.

Super Premium, Extremely Comfortable

The Kate Silk Face Mask is designed to protect both your skin and your health. It’s like wearing a mask without feeling like you’re wearing a mask. Featuring two-layer, 100% two:am silk™, experience extreme comfort with a luxury vibe that complements any outfit without effort. Kate also acts as a barrier to droplets while providing superior breath ability and effectiveness with multiple uses.

*Disclaimer: two am silk face masks should not be considered as medical devices. They are also not intended as use for replacement of personal protective equipment (PPE). They should not be utilized or worn by those within a healthcare profession. two am products should not be worn in places of healthcare or where personal protective equipment is required by state, local or other government regulations. In no way are two am face masks intended, manufactured, engineered, or designed to protect against or to mitigate any type of disease or a wearers safety.


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