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two:am silk keeps your skin hydrated while you sleep, defying the aging process

Lindsay Silk Hair Ties

"The Last Hair Ties You'll Ever Need"

two:am™ silk promotes healthy skin, preventing friction & dryness that cause wrinkles & impurities. Anti-maskne, hypoallergenic, cooling & breathable.

Lindsay Silk Hairs are made for life on the go, for long nights and early starts. Made of 100% pure Mulberry silk. This set includes 1x Black, 1x White, 1x Gold

$ 19.99 USD
$ 29.00 USD

"two:am burst onto the silk pillowcase scene with its products named after notorious party girls from every era... it's the best silk at the best price so you can look like you slept all night (even if you didn't)"


two:am silk™ keeps your skin hydrated and prevents friction, defying the aging process


Unlike cotton and polyester, ultra-premium silk prevents friction that causes skin irritation


Promote healthy skin, looking well-rested, fresh and awake - no matter how long you slept

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The Lindsay Silk Hair Tie is made for life on the go, for long nights and early starts. Made of 100% pure Mulberry silk - the highest quality silk available, "The Lindsay" provides moisture to hydrate your hair through the night and day. Specifically crafted to fend off hair creases, the Lindsay is super gentle on your hair to eliminate pull and breakage. 

Good for Your Hair

Regular hair ties with cotton fibers pull your hair while you're sleeping, causing breakage and bad hair. two:am silk™ is highly engineered to eliminate those irritating ridges in your hair caused by traditional hair ties. two:am'’s 100% Mulberry silk design is friction-free and smooth making it your new best friend for cutting frizz and bed head all while keeping your hair silk smooth and soft. two:am silk has been proven and is loved by celebrities for its ability to promote healthy hair and eliminate split ends. This changes everything: cotton is like a reverse conditioner, wicking out moisture and drying out your hair. two:am silk keeps your hair conditioned, soft and smooth.

The Highest Quality Silk Hair Ties -- on Earth 

"The Lindsay" Silk Hair ties literally have the highest quality of silk you can find on earth. Basically, two:am silk is like the Egyptian cotton equivalent of silk. Even better, two:am silk hair ties are 19 momme. This is the weight of the silk, which means our silk hair ties are super-thick and strong while provided maximum hydration to your hair. 

Your Celebrity and Derm’s Best Kept Secret

two:am silk hair ties are the celebrity-favorite, dermatologist best kept secret. two:am 100% pure Mulberry silk threads are the highest quality on earth, making them stronger, smoother than any other silk. In fact, a single fiber of two:am silk more strong than a steel fiber of the same diameter. It’s also super-smooth to the touch, symbolizing the very highest degree of luxury in silk. Your hair has never looked so good, two:am silk is the type of product that once you have, you can’t imagine you lived without.

Hypoallergenic, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Lindsay, like all of two:am silk is a far-more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to cotton. As a renewable resource, two:am silk requires less water to be produced and unlike cotton fibers, doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals, and excess energy. During production of two:am silk, our fibers are naturally coated with sericin, a naturally-occurring protein that repels dust, which is a major source of allergies. This makes two:am silk organically hypoallergenic. This means an extra win if you suffer from dryness and skin sensitivity.   


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